Friday, October 29, 2010

Trick or treats?

Dear fashionistas,

Are your costumes ready for Halloween yet? We are so excited to dress up and we hope you are too!

Just a little announcement, we are having some problem with our posting, as when we click older posts, it goes back to the first post. Therefore, to view our entire collection, just click on whats AVAILABLE here!

Happy Halloween and have a great weekend!

Love from us here at cosmostrings!

Sensual seduction

Sexy meets classy here in this one shoulder top which features flounce ruffles over the bodice. One can never go wrong flaunting off those shoulders! Pair it with a pair of leggings, jeans, bodycon skirt or even just on its own and you’re good to go!

electric blue



-Lycra, extremely good material
-fits uk4-12
-colours available: black sold out, electric blue  (last piece) and grey  sold out
-Available to you at only RM35

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Army Wives

We have got in a collection of high waist-ed military skirts, and we just could not look past this pretty thing! If you feel more comfortable in shorts, this hight waist-ed military shorts will be a lovely addition to your wardrobe!!

workable pockets!

*model is pairing army wives with invisible slip
-fits UK size 4-10
-Colours available: Dark grey (last piece)
-Available to you at only RM29


Peter pan collars were very big in the early-mid 20th century. Can’t seem to get over them?
Relive your childhood days and venture into the magical world of Peter pan with these adorable vintage polka-dot dresses!
celebs love the peter pan collar too!

-fits UK 4-10 (suitable for petites)
-colours available: black and white all sold out
-Available to you at only RM 35

We've been reviewed!

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Aye aye captain!

The popularity of nautical themed clothing has grown tremendously that even designers such as Marc Jacobs and Micheal Kors often use these timeless and classic colours to create new and elegant garments.

Instead of the usual plain striped dress, the chiffon ruffles on the sleeves of this dress spices things up a notch!

-cotton and chiffon
-fits UK 4-12
-colours available: black
-Available to you at only RM 29

Ying Yang Twins

Looking for something to throw over your basic tank? We have these lovely cardigans with princess sleeves and gold button detailing for you!

 *Model is pairing ying yang twins with invisible slip
-fits UK size 4-10
-Colours available: White (sold out) and Black (sold out) ALL SOLD OUT!! 
-Available to you at only RM39

Acid Punk

Love your jeans, but want something more comfortable? We have spotted Beyonce, Lily Cole and Sienna Miller making the most of these stylish lycra numbers in a variety of faux-washes, from dark indigo to pale grey and even Eighties-style acid wash.

sienna miller in jeggings

These acid washed jeggings with embedded studs is a must have in your wardrobe!
-Cotton and spandex
-fits uk4-8
-colours available: acid washed black (SOLD) and acid washed grey (SOLD) ALL SOLD OUT 
-Available to you at only RM39

Invisible slip

Flowy tanks are not only trendy, they are versatile too! Forget your regular cotton tanks, these babies comes with netting and zipper finishing giving you the rocky edge! This will look especially cute with a blazer or cardigan, and the best part, when its warm just slip it off, and you are ready to roll.

zipper details




 -chiffon and netting
- fits UK 4-12
-colours available: black (LAST PIECE!), navy blue (SOLD OUT!) and mustard (SOLD OUT!) .
- Available to you at only RM39

Modern Rome

Love showing off your shoulders? As a top with a pair of leggings during the day or a dress by night, you will certainly dress to impress with this beautiful and versatile toga dress! The pretty and intricate rosette detailing makes the dress even more va-va-voom!

-cotton and chiffon
-smoked sides
-fits UK4-12
-colours available: black (all sold out)and grey (last piece)
- Available to you at only RM39